This picture is of our first born, Orca the killer puppy, who still likes to drink from bottles. My wife and I currently live in Des Moines, Iowa, with our twin boys plus one boy. I graduated in 1995 with a math and physics degree and am currently working at Allied Insurance as a computer programmer. I started making web pages in 1996 and my site has been growing since. Please check each of the links to my pages below as they are all important to me in some way or another.

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dedicated to my favorite online sim, WARBIRDS
I am the web master for my local chapter of DELTA CHI
homepage for ERRTHUM BREWERY's Trojan Warrior
my all important FAMILY
design your own pinball game with my PINBALL APPLET
ANTI-SPAM applet for web developers
my personal EVOLUTION experiment


Chopper Project-- Mix in life long desire to own a motorcycle, the drive to build everything myself, a barrage of chopper programs on the Discovery channel, compulsive behavior, lack of money, and a wife's outlook on motorcycles, and you get this.

Sibling Wars (11meg WMV)- a home brewed movie short

Pictures of my homemade digital picture frame

Ant Farm Simulation - a Java Applet I wrote to sub in for the real thing.

other websites I have done (in order, oldest first):
  • Spook Cave and Campground - Great campground in NE Iowa. Come for the mysterious boat cave tour, stay for the beautiful scenary and camping.
  • Go Camping Iowa - If you plan on passing through Iowa in an RV, you must go here first. Listed are several campgrounds with their detailed descriptions.
  • OnUrWa RV Park - A great little RV park in Onawa Iowa along I29 in Western Iowa.
  • Fusion Realtors - If you need a realtor within a few hours drive of Waterloo, Iowa, these are your guys.
  • Hall Masonry Inc. - The Hall brothers headquartered in the Cedar Rapids area of Iowa do great quality masonry on a variety of projects.
  • D.O.C.S. - A swimming program at the Y in Peoria, IL. They take their movement through water very seriously!
  • Adventures in Social Drama - An excellent program helping meet the social needs of Autistic children of all varieties through music, dance, and drama.